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CDB Neptune was formed in 1947 for the design and construction of small crafts. In January 1992, the company was transformed into Closed Joint Stock Company "CDB Neptune".
Since 1975, CDB Neptune designs and builds amphibious hovercraft. CDB Neptune founded two foreign shipping companies to operate hovercraft, one in the US and another in China. CDB Neptune includes design bureau and pilot production, on which all the prototypes of small vessels, designed by CDB Neptune have been built, including a series of small hovercraft. CDB Neptune conducts experimental work together with research institutes. This is necessary in order to best meet customers' requirements.
Highly qualified specialists, including managers, designers, engineers and workers are the most valuable capital of the CDB. As time goes forward, and only the continuous improvement of the quality of vessels under construction and new projects allows to keep up with market demands.

      Neptune CDB designed and built a number of small vessels for various purposes. Currently, most of the CDB projects built in large quantities. For example, a small fishing trawler Baltica project built in 1328 on three shipyards. Since 1975, CDB Neptune designs and builds amphibious hovercraft. The first vessel of this type became amphibious hovercraft type Leopard Project 14660. The boat was put into production at the pilot plant CDB Neptune and the Yaroslavl shipyard.
     Then Neptune CDB designed and launched in the production of small amphibious hovercraft Cheetah Prospect. 18800 Puma and so on. 18801. These boats have also been put into mass production at the pilot plant CDB Neptune and Svir Shipyard. In 1989, it was designed hovercraft new generation type of snow leopard pr. 15063. According to its characteristics it is superior to foreign boats of this class. In 1986, CDB designed a range of transport vessels such as the Bison Ave. 17481 and 17482 for the unloading of ships, procurers on unequipped shore of the Arctic. Vessels operated on Kolguev island in the Barents Sea on the supply of oil wells. In 1999, CDB designed and Neptune in conjunction with the famous shipyard "Almaz" to build the first hovercraft new generation - the sea SVP "RYS" ("LYNX"). The vessel is operated by the Company successfully Maritime Pilots Port of St. Petersburg in the Gulf.
About 400 ships had been sucessfully launched.



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