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     Financial and Industrial Group (hereinafter - FIG) "High-speed ships" was created in 1994 (state registration number 012). FIG is a company specialized in the design and construction of high-speed vessels and ships in the dynamic principles of maintaining. The structure of FIG "High-speed fleet" includes the state and joint-stock industrial enterprises, design bureaus, providing a full cycle of design and construction of high-speed vessels, including well-known manufacturers of high-speed marine technology and engineering companies.

    "Central company of financial-industrial group" High-speed ships" administering and coordinating FIG enterprises, execute market research, work with potential customers, implementing practice management, and functioning as an open joint stock company (JSC).
It's active work contributed to the fact that enterprises are members of the FIG, built more than 1,500 ships and 6,500 boats. 210 hydrofoils and 836 boats vere delivered to over 15 countries since than.

     Products of FIG enterprises are widely used in the structures of the various ministries and departments, especially in the power structures of the Russian Federation: the Border Guard Service of the Russian FSB, the Russian Navy, Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, the Russian Police Ministry, Federal Security Service of Russia, as well as various state and commercial structures, including foreign ones.
To expand sales markets, the company is creating a network of overseas offices, solving the problem of the market marketing of marine equipment, warranty and service of products and joint work on its production.
In accordance with the signed intergovernmental agreement with China on "Cooperation in the field of high-speed shipbuilding" FIG is defined by the authorized responsible from the Russian side for the development of international cooperation with China in the field of high-speed fleet.

    The main activity of FIG is the construction of high-tech products, which allows during its operation without any financial cost to improve the tactical and technical characteristics, ensuring trouble-free operation and survivability when performing tasks in the sea, as well as reducing its cost. To this end, organized a joint operation with the ordering structures to develop a common understanding to improve marine engineering projects in operation and the development of new projects, according to objectives. 

    FIG signed the Agreement on cooperation with the structural units of various ministries and departments, scientific and industrial organizations in the profile of activity and has participated in many national and international competitions for the supply of marine equipment and hardware. As a result of which, only in the 2010-2016 FIG signed more than 20 contracts. FIG is a regular participant in the international exhibition "Military-Maritime Expo", "INTERPOLITEX", "Neva" and others.
Intellectual and industrial potential of FIG allows enterprises to successfully implement the tasks in any field of activity of small capacity, high-speed shipbuilding, marine and energy engineering.

     Employees of the Central FPG companies have extensive experience and have sufficient expertise in the field of shipbuilding and machine-building business and economic activity. Evidence that the positive results of many years of activity on the implementation of international, government and commercial contracts.
Claim the experience and professionalism of the staff of FIG "High-speed ships" can effectively implement versatile on the specifics of the projects, including the use of information constituting a state secret.
PPG has a FSB of Russia license to carry out works related to the use of information constituting a state secret (reg. Number 24080 from 09.20.2013, the). Most of the staff decorated access to state secrets.

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