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     "Zvezda" was founded in Leningrad in 1932 as a state enterprise for the production of industrial products for public use.
Open Joint Stock Company "ZVEZDA" (JSC "ZVEZDA") was transformed in 1993 from a state enterprise union "ZVEZDA". The founder is the State Property Management Committee. The main activity is the development of design, production and sales of light, high-speed diesel engines, diesel generator sets, spare parts and repair.
Currently it designed, manufactured and successfully operate in various sectors of the national economy and defense complex of the country more than 200 modifications of manufacturing diesel engines of "ZVEZDA". Up to 8-13% of the annual production volume up spare parts for diesel engines. The plant provides virtually all of the need for spare parts at the facilities of its own production in the operation of facilities in Russia and abroad. Service, including warranty and post-warranty, represented in the major regions of Russia and abroad (in the areas of concentration of the diesel product). Other works of industrial character, including casting, forging, machining parts on the orders of enterprises and repair of diesel engines, can be up to 10% of the total volume of commodity output. production stability is ensured by exports. The export share is kept at 30 ... 50% of total sales. Diesels plant operated in 40 countries around the world and the CIS countries.
Experienced design departments of "ZVEZDA" are constantly working on sovershenstvoaniem technical level of commercially available products and the creation of new versions with improved consumer properties. The strategic task of the enterprise - the preservation and expansion of the occupied market segments. Today it is shipbuilding, railways, industrial sites and mobile power. To this end, the company has the necessary facilities, foundry and forging production, using advanced equipment and technology. The company has all kinds of production on the profile of the engineering enterprise.

     In 2004, the quality management system of "ZVEZDA" has been found to conform to ISO-9001: 2000, which is certified by Bureau Veritas Quality International international classification society.
Some models of marine diesel engines certified by "Germanischer Lloyd".
These products created and maintained by competent experienced designers, engineers, skilled workers and service units experts. Original new, as well as time-tested and successfully used in the traditional production design solutions come to life on their own production sites with unique technology and high-precision equipment.
Features of the plant, highly professional staff of the specialists of "ZVEZDA" and competitive products allowed the company to maintain its position as the leader of the domestic diesel engine.


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