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      In a picturesque area of ​​St. Petersburg, where the Big Nevka flows into the Gulf of Finland, located oldest ​​small-tonnage shipbuilding company - JSC "Redan". In 1901, this place was created powerboat enthusiast Alexander Leontyevich Zolotov, Russia's first "Katernaya St. Petersburg shipyard motor boats", which has become a well-known in the former Soviet Union and abroad CDB (later OJSC) "Redan" and now JSC "Redan".
     The high scientific potential of the enterprise that combines the research and production technology, a close creative relationship with leading institutions, industry, related industries, allowed to find the right technical solution for the creation of new boats. High scientific and technical potential of the company, combining scientific and production technology can solve the main task - to create a new generation of boats is equally satisfying the requirements of both external and internal markets.
Among the boats created JSC "Redan" -service and travel types, fishing, towing, medical, hydrographic, diving, rescue (including the unique boats for rescue aviation systems), patrol, motor yachts, motor boats-rigid inflatable for power departments and the national economy. Experience allows "REDAN" to create a court for various purposes - from steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, GRP:
-from small hovercraft to the long-distance high-speed target boats on gas cavity
-from the smallest in Russia "Burlak" tug boats to a comfortable motor yacht, equipped with modern communication and navigation.
Boats of JSC "Redan" can be found anywhere in Russia, countries of the former Soviet Union, the tropical regions of Asia, Africa and America. Parallel to the direction of activity of JSC "Redan" is the design and manufacture of water attractions for aqua parks, swimming pools, recreation areas on the water, which are very popular not only in Russia but also abroad. Model Laboratory of JSC "Redan" creates unique models of the original historical and modern ships, guarantees durability, high technical and aesthetic quality of the product.

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