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      "CDB Alekseeva" specializes in creating high-speed ships and vessels for various purposes since 1941. Projects of passenger hydrofoil ships provided a qualitative leap in speed passenger transportation. Along with the creation of passanger ships CDB is working on a project of high-speed ships for the Navy and naval units of the Border Ministry of Russia. Builded WIGs have no analogues in the world practice. On the basis of the experience gained in creating WIG were developed fundamentally new high-speed vessels - transport and amphibious platforms. Each of the types of speed ships and boats developed by CDB are characterized by high reliability. The main areas of improvement created by CDB of ships and boats is to increase the speed and seaworthiness.
Many years of successful operation of the enterprise on vehicles with non-traditional principles of movement can extend the range of the proposed high-speed means of transport devices, suitable for year-round operation over water, ice, snow, swampy surfaces, off-road conditions and lack of berths.
Scientific and technical potential of CDB allows you to create:
-ships and hydrofoils for passenger and cargo transportation, patrol, rocket, rescue, with a displacement of 6 400 tonnes at speeds up to 70 knots.
-ships and boats with air cavity on the bottom of improving: single hull and catamaran; passenger, cargo, patrol, rocket, service and travel, rescue and other displacement from 6 up to 1250 tonnes at speeds of movement up to 60 knots;
-WIGs for transportation of passengers and cargo, missile, patrol, landing displacement (flight weight) from 1.5 to 600 tons at speeds of 120 to 600 km / h;
-tranport amphibious platform for year-round delivery of goods and passengers by water in off-road conditions and shallow water; 30 to a displacement of 600 tons at a speed of 200-250 km / h.
Specific proposals for passenger and cargo ships, high-speed vehicles for patrol and border patrol and services include:
-hydrofoil ships;
-aquaplaning boats including air-cavity;
-hydrodynamic air cavity speed ships;


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